Having been the home of Grimaldi family until 1907, Villa Barone Alfieri has acquired its actual look, containing liberty style elements, due to its restoration by “Mostaccio” the bishop.

He restored the facility for the three “Mostaccio maidens”, his three nieces. Because of this, the number three is omnipresent at Villa Barone Alfieri: three benches in the garden, three stairs, three gulf oriented windows.

The facility maintains the passing of century and the changes that have been made to it.; starting with the small, medieval church with a stoned cross on the top, until the actual shape.

The estate is composed of two sections: the first one was the residence of the Lord, with the patrician house and the dependence. The second one was the farm side where it was produced and grown all the good needed: honey, rabbits, chickens, doves, donkeys, pigs, cows, etc.

Nearby to the main building still stand the stables where there were hosted horses and sheep.


Natural elements have inspired restoration as well as possible activities at Villa Barone Alfieri. The restoration has been made employing natural materials such as wood, handmade earthenware tile, iron and typical stones.  The materials employed make a warm, traditional and welcoming atmosphere.

Connection with nature is the main purpose of our structure, this is why , among the proposed activities, there are yoga lesson classes on the grass, under the sun.

The Earth, mother of all human beings, with its fragrances, will transform your holiday in a deeply relaxing moment.


  • Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais.
  • Bike rental.
  • Pin pong
  • Personal trainer
  • Fisiotherapy
  • Massage
  • Traditional cooking classes
  • Typical food tasting
  • Guided tour
  • Boat trip
  • Red tuna fishing
  • Baby sitting
  • Horse riding
  • SPA
  • Transfert to/from airport
  • Car/motorbike rental
  • Laundry
  • Traditional vegetable garden
  • Typical vegetables harvest

The facility

Photo of the hystoric residence